Mang 3788 Spring 2006

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

RFID Usage

What does RFID stand for? Radio Frequency Identifcation, is a technical system that uses radio waves to transmit important imformation over short distances. The information provided in these transmissison are, identity of a person, place or thing, location, and condition of physical objects such as: autombiles, hospitals, equipment, and photos. An RFID ready system consist of a silicon chip that stores information and an antenna that will then transmit it to a receivieng device, know as a reader. By using RFID it allows business to connect their IT systems to personal products, assets, and devices. Walmart, the largest retail giant in the US, has required all their suppliers to use RFID by 2005. With prices for RFID decreasing, there is no reason for corportations to not take advantage of this oppourtunity.

Sitemap XML

Sitemaps XML give information about your site by using "spiders" to crawl the web, once they find a site they follow links to gather information about all pages.
The sitemap consist of URL data, it will tell when a site was last modified, how frequently the content changes and how one page maybe related to another.

Pod Casting

Podcasting is something like an Ipod. It allows you to download audio programs or files, store them on your computer and listen to them at your leasure. The downloaded file is referred to as a podcast. Instead of reading text from your monitor, podcasting literally enables one to download audio compressed files and gives you immediate access to syndicated contexts. For example radio shows like Rush Limbuagh and with help form other syndicated shows will all be avalible on podcasting.